Who are we?



We are an organization committed to guiding and supporting migrants and their families. We work to locate missing migrants and to provide ongoing family support. We also provide analysis and research on migration.

We strive to strengthen the capacities of women in their own communities, assist with the reintegration of deported migrants, and defend the labor and human rights of agricultural workers and other vulnerable groups.

  •   Searching for disappeared migrants
  •   Helping their families
  •   Strenghtening communities
  •   Defening the rights of migrant workers


CAMINOS is solidarity, thought and action.

We are a committed group of women who have different ideas but share the same central goal: helping migrants and their families. We work to transform our ideas into practices that will improve lifes. We collaborate using creative ideas to accomplish clear objectives, and intend to establish CAMINOS as a reliable place of support for migrants and their families. We hope that the work of CAMINOS spreads and that it remains a sensitive institution generating a social good.